GP8 Super Cab Maker
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GP8 Super Cab Maker

The GP8 is a combination polisher/grinder with a built-in water flow system that provides water to both grinding wheels and the expandable drum. It is powered by a 1/2 hp thermal protected ABB motor and has a submersible water pump for cooling water recirculation. The end-polishing disc is ideal for final polish and buff.

GP8 Super Cab Maker
GP8 Super Cab Maker
Polishing Pad Water Feed
1/2 hp thermal protected 1,725 RPM motor

GP8 with Basic Accessories Package

Part # 168077
Weight: 115 lbs.

GP8 Flat Polishing System with Full Accessories Package

Includes everything above, plus:

Part # 168077-FPS
Weight: 125 lbs.

Flat Polishing System Accessories
Flat Polishing System Full Accessories Package