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Tips for Cutting Lapidary Material with the MK-101

  1. Use maximum water flow at all times and make sure blade is properly mounted on the blade arbor shaft (arrow marked on core oriented such that head of arrow points in the direction of blade rotation).
  2. Blade model 301 10" x 0.067 x 5/8 that is included with the MK-101 saw will require periodic resharpening (dressing out) with a sharpening stone when cutting dense lapidary (gemstone) materials. It is recommended to purchase a 100 grit dressing stone, (part #164025) or a 60 grit dressing block (part # 1652410). Blade cutting performance can be improved by resharpening using the dressing block on the cutting edge (kerf) periodically when cutting dense silica  (quartz) rich material such as agate, jasper, jade, geodes, and petrified wood.
  3. If preliminary sharpening does not produce noticeable improvement in cutting, user should resharpen the blade with the coarser grit (60 grit) sharpening block by cutting a thin less than 1/8" thick slice off the end of the sharpening block.
  4. Do not recycle (recirculate) dirty cutting water from the plastic tray, abrasive grit will shorten blade life and can plug the submersible pump. Pump clean water from a separate container (5 gallon bucket) with submersible pump placed in the bucket. Drain dirty water to a separate collection bucket placed under the drain hole in the plastic pan.
  5. The thermal overload protection feature helps protect the motor from premature failure in the advent of overheating. Motor overheating can be caused by dull blades and/or low voltage. Should the motor shut off due to overheating, let it cool for at least 2 hours and then reset by pressing the Red "reset" button on the motor.